Business Specialist System Support

Specialist Systems

If you have a specialist system that has been designed for your business or is bespoke to your industry, we can work with you whilst training themselves in the support of your system. We can provide local, onsite, troubleshooting support without the need to call an engineer from a national company who may be based hundreds of miles away. If we are unable to resolve a problem, then we can work with the supplier (over the telephone if suitable) to get your system back up and running as promptly as possible.

We have worked with many bespoke systems over the years and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with third party software suppliers providing first class onsite support for their systems.

We offer two types of support to Businesses….


Gylly Premier Care

If your company needs someone to take full responsibility for your IT, then Gylly Premier Care is for you. Quite simply, you can leave your IT systems to us and focus on your core business, just as you would if you had an in-house team, except for a fraction of the cost. But what we do is more than just support, our proactive approach to IT support will ensure that we understand your business and provide the advice and recommendations to keep your IT delivering value to the business.

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Adhoc Pay As You Go Support

Many of our clients like to know we are there when they need us, but do not feel a monthly support contract is required.  This isn’t a problem, we are still there to help when the need arises. Whether this be a fault that has occurred or a new hardware/software installation.

If you would like to discuss how Gylly can help with your IT Systems or to receive a free network health check, then contact Ian for more information and obtain a quotation.