IT Maintenance

We specialise in pro-active IT maintenance working closely with our customers on a continuous basis minimising the risk of any down time for your ICT systems.

By signing up to a Service Level Agreement with Gylly Computer Services, we continually monitor your business and school ICT systems and carry out regular maintenance visits acting as your dedicated IT Technician, available to answer all your ICT queries.

We perform regular healthchecks on your IT hardwareGylly Premier Care – Your complete outsourced IT support service

If your company needs someone to take full responsibility for your IT, then Gylly Premier Care is for you. Quite simply, you can leave your IT systems to us and focus on your core business, just as you would if you had an in-house team, except for a fraction of the cost. But what we do is more than just support, our proactive approach to IT support will ensure that we understand your business and provide the advice and recommendations to keep your IT delivering value to the business.

We take complete responsibility for your IT, whether resolving issues remotely via our helpdesk, maintaining your infrastructure’s performance, carrying out proactive on-site support, monitoring your systems or liaising with 3rd party suppliers – we will do it all so that you don’t have to. And because we take full responsibility for your infrastructure, you can rest assured that we will be as interested in your systems as you are.