CCTV Installation

The latest IP based Security Cameras provide you with real time images of your property which far exceed the quality seen from older analogue systems, all integrated into your existing home or office IT network.

We are experienced IT Engineers who can install your CCTV system using CAT5e and CAT6 cabling with the cameras being powered centrally using POE (Power Over Ethernet) technology through the CAT5e\CAT6 cable with no need to have power sockets installed next to each camera.

We specialise in implementing CCTV security systems which not only record and allow you to view your home or office locally on a centrally positioned monitor or TV, but enabling remote access via the internet using your PC or smartphone.

When considering if a CCTV system is a necessary addition to your home or office security, please consult the Information Commissioners Office Website and refer to their CCTV Code of Practice document.  The document details your legal obligations when operating a CCTV system and provides guidance regarding your obligations towards The Data Protection Act.

If you have any questions regarding your legal obligations, please get in touch and we can talk it through with you.

If you have a requirement for a CCTV system to protect your home or office, why not contact Ian today on 01326 312664 for a no obligation quotation and we can demonstrate the quality of the footage you will get from a IP based camera system.

Costs to implement an IP based system are not as expensive as you may think.