1. Gylly Computers receives recognition

    iBoardTouch launches iBT Centre of Excellence scheme as first Cornish Primary School Federation achieves Centre of Excellence status

    To recognise schools outstanding achievement in teaching and learning using iBoardTouch technology iBT has launched the iBoardTouch Centre of Excellence scheme.  iBT are delighted to announce The Federation of Boskenwyn and Germoe Primary Schools in Cornwall is the first organisation to be awarded this special Centre of Excellence status.

    The Federation of Boskenwyn and Germoe Primary Schools was externally assessed and their iBT trained iBoardTouch educators successfully demonstrated the innovative use of iBoardTouch technology across the National curriculum.

    The Federation has installed i55 and i65 iBoardTouch units in all classrooms at both schools, including the nurture groups, the screens being mounted either onto the wall or onto mobile trolleys for all-round flexibility, enabling a small group learning hub to be set up in part of the classroom space.

    Ian Mitchell of Gylly Computer Services introduced the technology to the school with an on-site product demonstration to executive Head Teacher Paula Quinney in June 2015.

    Head Teacher Paula Quinney says:

    We are blessed to have such a visionary and enthusiastic team of staff who recognize the individual needs of their children and who strive to meet them by continually developing their skills in many areas. Using iBoardTouch within the classroom has enabled staff to improve the engagement of all learners, particularly boys and those with special educational needs, by giving them a wider choice of media to use on their learning journeys. The iBoardTouch technology fully supports our innovative enquiry-based curriculum as a source of research and creativity.

    Zulfi Baig, Head of UK Operations says:

    The Federation of Germoe and Boskenwyn Primary Schools has shown incredible commitment to and creativity in the use of iBoardTouch within the primary classroom. The teachers demonstrated a high level of skill and passion for creating the best learning experiences for pupils of all abilities. We are extremely pleased to award Boskenwyn and Germoe primary schools iBT’s Centre of Excellence status –  teachers and staff should be really proud of their achievement and forward-thinking vision, they are one of the very first innovators of the ‘digital classroom’ within Cornwall and are at the forefront of transforming teaching and learning in the UK.


    About The Federation of Boskenwyn and Germoe Primary Schools

    Boskenwyn and Germoe Primary Schools are rural primary schools located in Cornwall with 80 children on role, 15 staff members and one executive head teacher. The Schools have been federated since July 2015. In their last Ofsted reports both schools are rated ‘good’.

    The iBoardTouch screens were installed in September 2015 by Gylly Computer Services. All of the screens have iBT Propacks and are all mobile, being mounted on a variety of stands according to the needs of individual classrooms. Staff received initial handover training from iBT’s Bruce Brassington in October 2015 followed by an in-depth training session in March 2016 from iBT Educators, Clare Godzisz and Peter Nolan.



    For a school to become a Centre of Excellence they need to demonstrate outstanding practice through the use of iBoardTouch in the classroom. They should also be a place where other schools are welcomed to see iBoardTouch used in practice. It must be an educational setting which is credible, passionate and innovative with the ability to lead and inspire teachers to influence positive change. A video of the Federation’s use of iBoardTouch in the classroom will be available soon.